What’s The Differences Between Probation And Parole

By Robert Davis

A reader asked this good question and I’ll try to give you the facts between the two.

First, parole is only given to an individual that is serving time in a prison. If your original sentence is two years, it could be cut short. Say you served one year of your sentence with no behavior problems. Then you might go before the parole board and be eligible to serve your last year as a semi free person. The reason why I say semi free is because you must serve that free time crime free. If you commit a violation or crime, you’ll have to go back to prison and serve that last year, plus whatever sentence you received for the crime that put you back there!

Probation is usually time given to a person in lieu of jail. Say you committed a crime that carries a sentence of two years. The judge could then suspend sending you to jail for two years and instruct you to serve that time a semi free person. This means no criminal action during those two years. If you commit a crime, off to jail you go for the original two years. It’s usually given to people who committed no violent crime, has no criminal record, or if the judge simply has compassion for you.

Oh, before someone asked what’s a parole board. A parole board is a group of officials ( usually consisting of 3-7 people) that reviews prisoners profiles to determine which are a risk to society and which might be trusted to faithfully perform the ‘parole’. They are usually appointed by the governor of the state they represent.

I hope this explains the differences between the two actions. Take care all!

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