Drunk In Charge Of A Vehicle – Don’t Be Caught Out

November 13, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Richard M Jenkins

It is common knowledge that to drive on a UK road with excess alcohol in your system, more than 35 micrograms of alcohol per 100 milliliters of breath, in a criminal offense.

Anyone convicted of driving with excess alcohol in their system will be disqualified from driving for a minimum of 12 months. If the person has had a similar conviction within the last 10 years then the driving disqualification will be for a minimum of three years.

The total length of the ban will depend on several factors the most important being the amount of alcohol within the system. As the minimum disqualification is mandatory any hardship such as loss of employment due the ban will not be taken into account.

Certain “special reasons” however can be used to argue against a disqualification. For example maybe the driver in question has moved their vehicle only a short distance, from roadside to driveway or may have been dealing with a true emergency. Although technically this is enough to warrant prosecution it may be possible to argue “special reasons” not to disqualify. Such “special reasons” however can not guarantee a ruling against a ban. The law here is complex and each case can only be judged on a case to case basis.

It is not so widely known that a driver can also quite easily be prosecuted for being drunk in charge of a vehicle. The law states that anyone who is in charge of a vehicle on a road or other public place having consumed excess alcohol is guilty of this offense. This can lead to a discretionary ban, a fine or ten penalty points. You can be charged with this offense for simply having the keys to a vehicle whilst having excess alcohol in your system. This means if you sleep in a parked car whilst having consumed excess alcohol you can be charged. Even sitting in your car with excess alcohol in your system is enough to get you arrested. You only defense if you are arrested for this is to prove that there was no likelihood of you driving the vehicle whilst excess alcohol was still in your system.

These two offenses can be committed either on a road or other public place. This means any area the general public have access too. This could be pub car parks or shopping car parks. Even private roads have been held to be “other public places”.

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Arizona Drunk Driving Law, Az Drunk Driving Law & Arizona Drunk Driving Charges

November 13, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By James Kerk

Arizona drunk driving is one of the most common and deadly mistakes in Arizona while driving. Defensive driving schools which have courses approved by the State government and DUI/DMV like Arizona defensive driving school provides the best escapes DUI arrests in Arizona.  There are basically two Arizona drunk driving charges:

1)    Driving while impaired.

2)    Driving with an alcohol content of 0.08 or higher within 2 hours of driving.

Under the act of AZ drunk driving law you may have to face serious laws or offences. The Arizona traffic police can seize your driver’s license or even automatically suspended it for 90 days to 2 years depending upon the severity and number of offences done.

AZ drunk driving law or Arizona drunk driving law is very strictly imposed on people as it is life threatening otherwise. Some of the extremities of breaking the AZ drunk driving law is that you might have to spend 30 days in jail. In some cases a total of 20 days can be suspended under some special conditions.

There are only three ways in which you can save yourself from Arizona drunk driving law, if you have been charged for any offences then these are:

1.    Pay the fine, or appeal for exemption from the imprisonment. This won’t happen to you unless and until you qualify or are under some special conditions.

2.    Approach a DUI defense attorney who can save your life from ruining.

3.    Take up Arizona Defensive driving course and learn to avoid you from falling under Arizona drunk driving law.

Register now for the State recognized Defensive driving course provided by   Arizona Defensive Driving School to remove traffic tickets, allegations and lower down your insurance rates! Be smart, safe and responsible while you drive. Website: http://www.arizonadefensivedrivingonline.com

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Drunk Driving Penalty – Going Home With Huskies

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By Kacy Carr

Drunk driving – What would the victim who lies on a cold mortuary slab have to say had they known at the time of their death that their murderer had no real motive for the killing other than that of being under the influence of alcohol where the drunkard had choices unlike the corpse whose last breath was taken from them through an act of unjustified folly.

How can a drunk driver really believe he/she is capable of driving a vehicle after swigging ten pints of beer or a bottle of whiskey? If you are tempted to drink drive then you must listen to the friends who have your best interest at heart when they grapple to retrieve your car keys

If you are the friend of a drunken sot who is about to set out and kill them self or take the life of another then you must forcibly take the car keys away from them. It is far easier and safer to hail a taxi cab, catch a bus/train or walk home from the pub. Christmas is the time to be jolly so keep it that way by drinking in moderation or cut down on consumption of spirits with a high alcohol percentage.

Knowing the law on drink driving and imposed penalty types may have you reconsider one severe penalty that is usually inevitable in cases of drink driving and that is loss of life.

If you have been pulled up in a vehicle by a police constable he/she can request a breath test. Anyone, man or woman under the influence of booze who is caught driving, attempting to drive, or in charge of a motor vehicle on the highway or in a public place like outside your own home or even in a shopping mall car park etc, will be required by law to provide a breath test, to ascertain whether you are over the prescribed limit of alcohol – 35 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath (or 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood). You know what they say, don`t do the crime if you can`t do the time and if you exceed these limits then you may well be on your way to prison. Points on your drivers licence and a heavy fine are other imposed penalties for driving a vehicle while drunk, the motorist will face a driving ban (disqualification) If you are convicted of a drink driving offence then you can expect to find it extremely hard to find a car insurance company willing to insure you with out upping your annual premiums to an extortionate price. Well what do you expect after committing a crime as such?

If you have been asked to pull over and a breath test is requested then it has to be sanctioned by an officer in uniform, however a request for a roadside breath test will only happen if one of the following situations applies:

The police officer in question will have to have a reasonable cause to suspect that you have committed, or are currently committing a moving traffic offence, or if, having stopped, an officer has reasonable cause to suspect that the person driving/attempting to drive/in charge of the vehicle has consumed alcohol of more than the legal amount that law states or the police officer has reasonable cause to believe that you were the person driving/attempting to drive/in charge of a motor vehicle which was involved in an road accident. No doubt if common sense prevails none of the drink driving laws will apply. Keep safe this Christmas and go home accompanied by huskies.

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Understanding DUI Laws and the DUI Breath Analysis Test

September 19, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Cary Bergeron

When you are pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), you will likely be asked to submit to a breath analysis test. Understanding this test is essential if you are going to decide whether or not to take it. Refusing to take the test can be used against you in court in many states, so make sure you understand how it is used.

First, in order to understand the breath analysis test, you must first understand how the body reacts to alcohol. Alcohol enters the blood stream quickly because it does so through the walls of the stomach, rather than needing to travel through the entire digestive system. Bodily fluids dilute the level of the alcohol in the blood, and some is eliminated through the liver. Whatever is left in the blood is excreted through sweat, urine, and the breath of the drunken individual. The breath analysis test is done in an attempt to measure the BAC of the individual through his or her breath.

The breath analysis is done using a machine known as a Breathalyzer. This machine is simple to use. You simply breathe into the Breathalyzer, and it will show the police officer your BAC. These results are not perfect, but they are an indication of whether or not you are driving with a BAC that is above the legal limit in your state. If you fail the test, you will be brought in for further testing, including a possible blood or urine BAC test.

Many states allow the breath analysis test to be used against you in court. However, if you are working with an attorney, your attorney may be able to prove that your test results were inaccurate. Many factors can distort the results of the Breathalyzer test, so if your test results were extremely high, or if you felt they were inaccurate, consider working with an attorney when you head to court.

The Breathalyzer is an important tool to officers who actively search for drunk drivers. It gives them yet another simple way to determine whether or not an individual is driving with too much alcohol in his or her system. Before you decide to sit behind the wheel of a car after having a few too many drinks, remember that the police officer who catches you will have a quick and easy method to determine if you are drunk, and drunk driving carries swift and heavy consequences, no matter which state you are calling home.

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