First Time Felony Offender – 5 Tips For Surviving in Prison After a First Offense

By David J Carter –

If you have been accused of committing a felony, you have to face up to the fact that you might well end up in jail. The prospect of serving time behind bars is depressing for anyone; on your first offence you will also naturally be apprehensive about what life in prison is going to be like for a first time felony offender.

Time in prison is supposed to punish the offender by taking away his liberty and, have no doubt, being locked up away from your friends and family is hard. In addition to this punishment you will have to face different types of danger including bullying, beatings, hostility from guards, and sexual assaults.

Prison is a dangerous place. Prisons are seriously overcrowded, and the guards can’t be everywhere at once; surviving in prison means you must protect yourself. The following tips will help you to survive your first prison sentence without becoming a victim.

1. As a first time offender, you might have the chance of avoiding a prison sentence or getting a reduced sentence by plea bargaining. Learn how this is done properly well before you are given a date to appear in court.

2. Make sure you choose the right lawyer. Don’t pick one at random from the yellow pages. You need someone who is experienced in criminal law procedure and has a proven track record as a defence lawyer. Don’t make the mistake of letting the court appoint an attorney for you; this is one of the most important choices you will ever have to make.

3. Learn how to behave during your first 24 hours in prison. The way you handle yourself at this time will affect the way other inmates treat you throughout your stay in prison.

4. Learn how to form associations and friendships with other inmates. You need to make friends with the right people and avoid troublemakers, so you should learn how to pick your friends.

5. Learn how to keep on good terms with prison staff without making other inmates suspect you of being a snitch. Just being seen talking privately with a guard can earn you a thorough beating from other inmates “just in case”.

Acting on these tips will help you surviving in prison as a first time offender. Time in prison is not going to be easy, but you will survive unharmed if you get help and advice on prison survival for first time offenders.

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Going to Jail? Learn How to Survive

By Terry Sercast -

You made a mistake, maybe it was a wrongful accusation and maybe it wasn’t either way that’s out the door right now because you’re going to jail. Let me tell you something that might help you deal with it and save your skin.

Both Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton went to prison. There still alive, people go to prison all the time in fact over %30 of America are ex-cons. If you’re going to jail you will need to learn a few things that fly and things that don’t real quick.

To cut the learning curve

With all of the leverage that is bound to be used against you to get answers, you either snitch and save some time on your sentence and be marked as a target or you can be seen as trustworthy and respectful, guess who gets picked on?

Don’t Be A Snitch!

Remember that you are the reason you are there, nobody else. Going to jail raises tons of emotions, I know from experience and if you let those emotions take the best of you, you will make enemies. There is no doubt in the world that you will build enemies instead of friends if you start blaming everyone else. Don’t be a victim!

You are going to jail and they have as well. You aren’t the only one experiencing what you are, people in prison already have been in your spot and understand what it’s like coming into a threatening environment. If you walk in pretending you know everything and try to force your way into light, you will be hurt and you will be marked.You aren’t alone!

Find out more here.
Good luck!

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The Legal Price of Drunk Driving

November 12, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Joe Bella

Though some find it tempting to represent themselves in a drunk driving legal case, having a competent attorney, familiar with drunk driving cases is really a necessity.  There’s often a chance the case may be dismissed depending on the circumstances.

If searching for a particular attorney for this situation there are state-wide, country-wide, city-wide and zip-code search functionalities online and off.

It’s always so much better not to get in that predicament in the first place.  Bear in mind that if you are convicted in a DUI case, you may lose your license, or get your license and car impounded. You may have to pay a heavy fine or you may land in prison.

The arrests in DUI cases are rising because of new, more stringent laws and regulations that have been introduced in many states.

If you still must select a DUI attorney, be careful.  Select a competent attorney who has some good experience in DUI cases and he will be the best defense tool for you.

Drunk driving cases are also called Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) etc.

It’s very possible that your alcohol concentration will be measured by way of blood, breath, urine or saliva at the time of arrest.  You may be charged with offense of intoxication, impairment or influence by the law depending on the version of the investigating officer and the eyewitnesses.

Your attorney can explain the consequences to you after assessing your case so you will be prepared to defend yourself against those consequences. The laws vary from one place to another and it may be difficult for you to know the local “law of the land”.  He can help you understand the possibility of license problems, imprisonment, community service etc.  He/She will let you know if there are any special laws regarding underage drunk driving and BAC above the limit.

A drunk driving attorney will be able to manage the whole process for you.  All the proceedings in drunk driving cases may be frustrating and time consuming.  But that’s the price you pay.  Fortunately you have legal assistance able to represent you in court.  Perhaps the technicalities will help you to do it smoothly and come out with lesser punishment.

Learn more about stats, arrests, accidents and legal ramifications involved with drunk driving.

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DUI Laws and Drunk Driving Consequences

November 12, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Cary Bergeron

States are cracking down on drunk driving. DUI and DWI laws across the nation are becoming stricter and being enforced with greater diligence. Why is drunk driving such as big deal? What happens to your body when you drink that makes driving so dangerous?

Alcohol slows the brain by acting as a depressant. When you drink, some of the messages your senses are sending to your brain are suppressed. That means you the fact that the car in front of you is stopping may not register with your brain, or it may register far to late for you to act. Alcohol in your system also makes you have a distorted picture of how you are moving. You may think, for instance, that you are moving in a straight line, when, in fact, you are staggering across the room. When you are driving, this makes it almost impossible to drive straight down the road.

When you drink and drive, you are putting yourself at risk. Many drink drivers are killed because of their poor driving skills. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car wrecks are the leading cause of death for people in America who are under the age of 24, and about 40 percent of those deaths are somehow related to alcohol. Many of those in this statistic were the drivers or passengers of drunk drivers.

So just how dangerous is it to drive drunk? Having a blood alcohol content of just .10, a tiny bit over the legal limit, puts you at seven times higher of a risk for being involved in a crash that kills someone. If that level is raised to just .15, the risk increases to 25 times.

What about driving with a little bit of alcohol in your system? What if you are driving under the legal limit? Are you still putting yourself and people around you at risk?

Believe it or not, you could be. A blood alcohol content of .04, for instance, can increase the likelihood of someone being involved in a car crash by 1.4 times. Every drink that is added to that person’s system increases the risk dramatically. Doubling the blood alcohol level to .08 increases the risk of a car crash to 11 times more likely. So having “just one more” could bring devastating consequences.

So before you jump in the car after a party, stop and think about the risk. Are you ready to live with the knowledge that your actions killed someone? Are you willing to put your own life and the lives of your passengers at risk? If not, pass the keys to someone who did not drink or call a taxi. The rest of the community will thank you.

To learn more about the DUI Laws for your state or the Arkansas DUI Laws And Consequences visit

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Can You Drink and Avoid the DUI Laws

November 12, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Cary Bergeron

Because everyone’s bodies are different and the law needs a place to draw the line, drunk driving laws in every state have a set blood alcohol content level that is considered “drunk driving.” This is .08 in most states. However, many people can be drunk with levels far below this, and the amount of alcohol it takes to reach the “legal limit” according to DUI laws varies from person to person. For this reason, it is best to never drive after drinking.

When does impairment begin? We know that .08 is an unsafe level because once blood alcohol content reaches this point drivers are 11 times more likely to be involved in a car accident. However, what about a blood alcohol content of .02? Is this considered “safe” to drive?

When researchers look at blood alcohol levels to determine what is safe, participants with blood alcohol levels of .02 are already showing a loss of judgment. This is the point where alcohol helps you to relax and enjoy yourself. You do not yet feel drunk, but you are able to party a little harder. However, when you step behind the wheel of a car, you will suffer from lowered visual functions. You will also find it difficult to multitask. This means that simply reaching down to turn on the radio while you are driving could be too difficult for you, causing you to be in a crash.

What about a couple more drinks? Let’s say that your blood alcohol content increases to .05. At this level, you can expect to see exaggerated actions, inability to focus your eyes quickly, less alertness, less inhibition, and more impaired judgment. Your coordination is greatly reduced, which is particularly dangerous when you are driving. Your response in an emergency situation is going to be very slow, putting those around you at severe risk. Yet at .05 you are still far below the legal DWI limit.

The good news for other people on the road is that most states have DUI laws that allow the officer at the scene of a crime to arrest you for DUI even if your blood alcohol content level is less than .08. Of course, many drivers are able to get out of these convictions with a skilled DUI attorney, but this will require quite a bit of money out of your pocket, and you will still live with the consequences of causing an accident. If you are going to drink, designate a driver. Even just one or two drinks can severely limit your ability to function behind the wheel of a vehicle.

To find out more about DUI Laws be sure to visit Also if you are looking for Pennsylvania DUI Laws our site has that too.

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What Should You Know About DUI?

November 11, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By James M Peterson -

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. Because the way definition is phrased, there is a great deal of local interpretation as to what “under the influence” really means. Drivers are often arrested because of a cop’s suspicion. This can happen even if the individual passed a Breathalyzer test. The police may try to make examples out of sober drivers in order to deter future incidents of actual drunk driving.

It is not against the law to drink moderately and then drive home once sober. Nevertheless, drivers may face accusations of DUI and suffer severe penalties. Some drivers have been locked up in jail, had their license suspended or have been forced to pay high fees to both lawyers and the state. A conviction will make your car insurance rates soar and may even affect your future employment.

This is why it’s important for accused drivers to consult with a qualified DUI attorney to discuss their legal options. Do not be content with the attorney provided for you by the state. Do not assume that the charges you’re facing fit the crime committed. The most experienced lawyers do charge a fee, but statistically get better results. An experienced attorney can plead not guilty and fight for your rights if you were wrongfully charged. Even if you were guilty of drunk driving, he or she can help you get a fair and balanced sentence.

Visit to find a reliable DUI attorney. screens its listed attorneys, ensuring that they have a minimum experience level of five years and that they specialize in these cases. You are fighting for your right to drive, so take advantage of all your resources. contains an extensive directory of skilled []DUI attorneys. To get legal help on a DUI charge, visit

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Celebs Seem to Love Drunk Driving

November 11, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Darrell Freeman

Often we laugh at these strange antics of these celebs, but sometimes these antics are of a more serious nature especially when it comes to drink driving which seems to be a favorite pastime of some top flight and has-been celebs across the country.

Take the case of American supermodel Caprice Bourret who was taken in after being stopped for being over the limit in Holborn, London. The Surreal Life star got a taste of real life when she was stopped at 4am on Tottenham Court Road.

She of course is not alone or the first star to land in drink driving hot water. Football legend George Best eventually became more of a ledged for his drinking abilities than his football prowess. He managed to get pulled over, again, on the A3 in Merton, south-west London. Police spotted what they later said was someone driving in a wild and reckless manor with no regard for other road users. His fine was £1,500 and he also received a driving ban for 20 months.

Star Wars character R2-D2 was in fact the outer shell of tiny actor Kenny Baker, the 70 year old was pulled over for driving his Mercedes in an erratic manor. He was then found to have a massive 92 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millimetres of blood.

Seventies pop idol Shakin’ Stevens managed to get himself a driving ban when he was caught in his car on New Years Day with 83 milligram’s of alcohol in his blood, the legal limit was just 35mg’s.

It was also a Blue day when boy-band pop star Lee Ryan disappointed his hordes of screaming fans by driving his Porsche through central London while over the limit this was his second offence.

The star of the highly popular comedy Cold Feet, John Thomson managed to receive a three year driving ban after his second conviction in less than five years.

In the 80′s Keith Floyd was famous for his boozy chef antics but in the modern world the 60 year old managed to get himself banned for nearly three years and a hefty £1,500 fine when he admitted being drunk when his car was involved in a head on crash while he was more than three times over the limit.

Another football star who seems to like appearing in court on a drink driving offence nearly as much as playing on the field is Jermaine Pennant. The then 22 year old, appeared in Aylesbury Magistrates’ Court charged with driving while disqualified and without insurance and over the legal limit – poor Jermaine should have taken some advice on drink driving. He managed to get out of prison after a month but won the distinction of being the first player to go onto the pitch wearing a GPS tracking bracelet.

Darrell F writing about advice on]drink driving and []driving driving offence.

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Protect Yourself – Hire a DWI Lawyer

October 28, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Caitlina Fuller

If you live in Texas you know that Texas law does not take kindly to those that drink and drive. If you were recently pulled over and arrested for driving while intoxicated and charged with DWI you may be embarrassed, ashamed, and not really know what to do. We all make mistakes from time to time, some bigger than others, but most of them simply blow over and we learn from the experience. A DWI charge is not something that is just going to blow over. You are going to have to go to court and depending on your record you may spend time in jail and you may even have to do community service and take part in an educational course about the safe use of alcohol. If you have been charged with DWI you need to hire a Dallas DIW lawyer to help you protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

After you have been arrested you are obviously stressed and the last thing that you probably want to think about is a lawyer or legal problems, but this is not just a problem that is going to go away. In the state of Texas a DWI charge is a very serious thing and it is something that you are going to need help dealing with. You will find that the legal system can be hard to navigate without a bit of professional help, and that is where a Dallas DUI attorney will come in handy as you work your way through the process.

Wondering what an attorney can do for you? They can help prepare you for your appearance in front of the court. An attorney can also help you determine what sort of punishment you may be looking at, and they can help to reduce this punishment with their knowledge of the law. For instance, if you are looking at jail time a lawyer may be able to help you negotiate with the court so that you only have to do community service or pay a fine. This isn’t something that anyone would want to do, but it would be better than spending time in jail when you have a job, kids to take care of, and bills to pay.

Wondering where you can find Dallas DWI attorneys? You can find them by asking your friends or even your family members if they have worked with anyone in the past or know of anyone good. Word of mouth is often the best way to find a lawyer, but if you don’t want to ask or they don’t know anyone, you can simply turn to the phone book or the internet yellow pages and do a search. You should meet with several attorneys and decide for yourself which one is not only affordable to you, but is willing to take your case seriously so you can learn from this mistake, repay your debt to society, and move past it once and for all.

Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. If you have been charged with DWI you need to hire a []Dallas DWI lawyer to help you protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome in your case. You will find that the legal system can be hard to navigate without a bit of professional help, and that is where a DUI attorney will come in handy as you work your way through the process.

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Types of Bail Bonds

October 25, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By []Joseph Devine

If you have gotten arrested and need to get a bond to get you or a family member out of jail, you need to know what kinds of bonds are available and the details of each one.

The first type of bond is a personal recognizance bond or a PR bond. This type of bond can be very good for first time offenders with no prior record of any kind. This is basically a personal agreement that you will still show up on the court date you were assigned. A judge will often accept this type of bond for a first time offender who doesn’t seem to be a flight risk. You are required to sign a piece of paper that agrees to everything they tell you about your court date and not leaving town. This contract often includes a few other items that the court will discuss with you before you have to sign. After you sign, you are free to go.

For those who have no prior offenses, I would suggest going toward this type of bond because then you would not have to pay a large sum to the court.

The next type of bond is a cash bond. This type of bond is pretty straight forward but is not always for everyone. A cash bond is just paying the bail amount in full in cash. Usually there are not many people that can afford to pay for their bail with cash so this bond isn’t used by all people. Some of the different courthouses will offer an option for paying by credit card or even by check, depending on what courthouse it is.

This bond can be very helpful for those that have enough money to take care of the bail amount.

The last type of bond is a Surety or Bail Bond. This type of bond can be a little complicated. If you cannot afford a cash bond, then you have to go to a bail bondsman. A bail Bondsman is a person who will loan you the money for your hearing for a certain amount of money. Your outside source will have to go find a bail bondsman and then sign the paperwork. The bail bondsman will also have to bring the paperwork to you so you can sign it as well. This signature is basically saying that on the date you were assigned by the court, you will come back and appear at your assigned time. This is also a kind of guarantee that you won’t leave town or fail to appear at your court date.

For those who are considered a flight risk, this is probably going to be the option you have to turn to.

If you or someone you know is in need of help in their criminal case, contact the Austin DWI Lawyers of Morales and Navarrete at

Joseph Devine

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The All Important Bail Bondsmen Duties

October 25, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Mike Selvon

Imagine having a job where you are always on call. The pay varies depending on how much work you produce and there is a certain element of danger to your role. If you can imagine that job, then you know what bail bondsmen go through each day. Bail bond agents never know what their day is going to be like.

They may get ten calls to bail someone out of jail or they may not receive any. Early in the morning, late at night or while eating dinner with the family, their job takes a huge amount of dedication in order to be successful.

A bail bondsman makes money by getting a percentage of the fee made when someone posts a bond. They do not get paid hourly because there are no guarantees on work. Most bail bondsmen start off by writing small bonds while they build up a clientele. Later, bigger bonds will come as the agency sees that the bail bondsman is trust worthy and is doing his or her job effectively.

As for the long hours, well there is no guarantee when a defendant will call, so a bail bondsman must be ready to leave his or her house at any hour of the day. There are some days that are typically busy for bail bond agents. These days are usually on the weekends and on holidays.

Many of these bonds will be low bonds that come about from drinking and driving busts. It may not mean much money to the bond agent but it does build up a clientele. This is very important, so pay attention. The more people you help out, the better advertising via word of mouth occurs. This is the biggest tool in the bail bond agent’s arsenal.

If you bail out an individual from jail, there is no guarantee that you will have a client that makes his or her way to court. Many people, especially those that know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they will go to prison may try to run. This means that either you have to find the person or hire a bail enforcement agent, otherwise known as a bounty hunter, to track them down.

Bail bondsmen have tough jobs. No one is disputing that once they know the facts. Long hours, unpredictable work schedules and an unsure paycheck can be deterrents to individuals wanting to enter this job field. There is money to be had in high population areas.

There is also money to be made once you have your advertising firmly in place. Just remember to always act professionally and treat the person with courtesy and you will make money.

Visit Mike Selvon portal to learn more about the bail bondsmen. Your feedback is much appreciated at our []bail bond services blog where a free gift awaits you.

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