Orentlicher: “Multiple Embryo Transfers: Time for Policy”

December 13, 2010 by Family Law  
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David Orentlicher (University of Iowa College of Law) has posted "Multiple Embryo Transfers: Time for Policy" (40 Hastings Center Report 12) on SSRN. Here is the abstract: The birth of eight children to Nadya Suleman led to an outcry over...

Child Custody Papers

December 13, 2010 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Steven Carlson -

There are many factors to consider in filing child custody papers. You can file it yourself (in pro per) or you may choose to retain a family law attorney to represent you and file the child custody papers on your behalf. There may be local rules and procedures for filing your documents that you must adhere to. If you choose to represent yourself you will be taking on the responsibility of knowing the procedures and timelines related to your paperwork and court appearances.

Child custody papers and forms can usually be obtained at your local family court and many times can be downloaded from the local family court website. Some courthouses provide assistance or services to help you retrieve and complete the paperwork and forms. Your child custody papers can usually be filed in person or via mail. In some areas, there are fax filing agencies that have been approved by the court if you are unable to appear and wish to submit your papers via fax. Generally, the court will not set hearings over the phone. Child custody documents submitted through the mail will often be assigned a hearing date according to the statute requirements.

Typically, there are costs associated with filing for child custody forms and documents in the family court. For family law filing fees and other court related fees you will want to check with your local family court. If you are unable to pay the filing fees and costs, your local court may provide a fee waiver mechanism in which you can ask the court to permit you to proceed with filing your custody papers without paying the court fees and costs.

Whether you decide to file custody papers on your own or hire an attorney to do it for you, you would be wise to consult a family lawyer to find out where you stand legally on your child custody case and what your legal options are. Additionally, a family law attorney can help you understand the local requirements and procedures, local forms, timelines, and right approach for filing your legal paperwork.

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Sterilizing Drug Addicts

December 13, 2010 by Family Law  
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From BBC News: Project Prevention is offering to pay £200 to any drug user in London, Glasgow, Bristol, Leicester and parts of Wales who agrees to be operated on. The first person in the UK to accept the cash is...

Arkes & Shen: “For Better or for Worse, But How About a Recession?”

December 12, 2010 by Family Law  
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Jeremy Arkes & Yu-Chu Shen have posted "For Better or for Worse, But How About a Recession?" on SSRN. Here is the abstract: In light of the current economic crisis, we estimate hazard models of divorce to determine how state...

‘Tis the Season for…

December 11, 2010 by Family Law  
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...breakups?! Or so say facebook data. From CNN: In the talk, McCandless said he and a colleague scraped 10,000 Facebook status updates for the phrases "breakup" and "broken up." They found two big spikes on the calendar for breakups. The...

Dishion & Tipsord: “Peer Contagion in Child and Adolescent Social and Emotional Development”

December 10, 2010 by Family Law  
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Thomas Dishion & Jessica Tipsord (University of Oregon) have posted "Peer Contagion in Child and Adolescent Social and Emotional Development" (62 Annual Review of Psychology 189) on SSRN. Here is the abstract: In this article, we examine the construct of...

Divorce and Family Court Issues

December 10, 2010 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Chris Grifin -

Family court has jurisdiction over family disputes. If you and your spouse decide to get divorced but cannot come to an agreement on certain issues, you may have to settle the matter in court. You should hire a divorce law firm to guide you through the divorce process. One of the reasons family court is important is because it protects the welfare of children.

Why you should choose an attorney

Family issues like divorce and child custody can be sensitive. A lawyer who specializes in family law can offer you divorce advice in White Plains.

Additionally, you should choose an attorney for the following reasons:

Understanding: Your attorney has significant experience with matrimonial and family law and understands your situation. Also, your lawyer can offer you personal legal service and guidance to help you find closure.

The law is complicated: Legal issues can be complex and overwhelming. An experienced divorce law firm can explain family law and legal procedures.

Your lawyer will fight for you: A lawyer can make sure your voice is heard and that the issues you are concerned with are discussed.

What happens in family court

If you are thinking about a separation or divorce, you should seek able counsel as quickly as possible. After you file a petition, and your spouse receives a summons, you attend court. You can avoid going to family court if you and your spouse can agree on issues like marital assets, child custody, and visitation.

The following cases may be dealt with in family court:

• Divorce

• Custody

• Alimony

• Adoption

• Domestic violence

A seasoned law firm understands that divorce can be a delicate matter. If you are

in need of competent legal help or a divorce mediator, do not delay in contacting an divorce attorney.

While this article is intended to provide helpful information, it is not meant to constitute legal advice.

Since a divorce is an emotional and physical moment for everyone, only an experienced divorce lawyer can assist you through all aspects of family law. A legal separation is always a good alternative for couples that are not certain about the divorce.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chris_Grifin

Babies’ e-Footprints

December 10, 2010 by Family Law  
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This is not surprising to me at all, especially during the holiday season: From CNN: Thanks to the ubiquity of photo-sharing websites like Facebook, 82 percent of children in 10 Western countries have a digital footprint before the age of...

Family Law Sees Its First “Lawsuit Lenders”

December 9, 2010 by Family Law  
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From the NY Times: Michelle Pont and her husband amassed millions of dollars in properties and investments from a freight-hauling business that they started with a single stake-bed truck in 1991. They bought a four-bedroom home, then a second home,...


December 9, 2010 by Family Law  
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An interesting article from The New York Times: Courtesy of the state, French women seem to have it all: multiple children, a job and, often, a figure to die for. What they don’t have is equality: France ranks 46th in...

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