July 20, 2012

Crime in America on the Rise

By Lance Winslow -

Perhaps you have noticed yourself but crime is on the rise and there are so many reasons why this is so. Consider if you will that the MS-13 Gang has grown and doubled in size in the last year alone. Realize too that many soldiers will be coming back from Iraq soon and they are young, aggressive and full of piss and vinegar still.

Perhaps you are not so surprised to learn that many crimes are committed by illegal aliens in the United States of America; did you know that 42% of all criminals in the Arizona Prison System are indeed illegal aliens? It is true. Also true is that 33% of all violent criminals in the Federal Prison System are illegal aliens? What is the draw for criminals to come to America?

Well, it is pretty easy pickings here if you consider that most folks leave their cars unlocked in rural neighborhoods, their garage doors open in suburbs and carry purses with them in the cities. One of the biggest issues is that, we also have a huge increase in drug use with young adults and this is causing more theft and lesser crimes. In fact crime is up in nearly every category. Some say it is the hot weather and perhaps that does play some affect to the over all stats, but it appears that the increase and crime issues in the United States are for a multitude of reasons. Please consider all this in 2006.

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