Celebs Seem to Love Drunk Driving

November 11, 2008 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Darrell Freeman

Often we laugh at these strange antics of these celebs, but sometimes these antics are of a more serious nature especially when it comes to drink driving which seems to be a favorite pastime of some top flight and has-been celebs across the country.

Take the case of American supermodel Caprice Bourret who was taken in after being stopped for being over the limit in Holborn, London. The Surreal Life star got a taste of real life when she was stopped at 4am on Tottenham Court Road.

She of course is not alone or the first star to land in drink driving hot water. Football legend George Best eventually became more of a ledged for his drinking abilities than his football prowess. He managed to get pulled over, again, on the A3 in Merton, south-west London. Police spotted what they later said was someone driving in a wild and reckless manor with no regard for other road users. His fine was £1,500 and he also received a driving ban for 20 months.

Star Wars character R2-D2 was in fact the outer shell of tiny actor Kenny Baker, the 70 year old was pulled over for driving his Mercedes in an erratic manor. He was then found to have a massive 92 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millimetres of blood.

Seventies pop idol Shakin’ Stevens managed to get himself a driving ban when he was caught in his car on New Years Day with 83 milligram’s of alcohol in his blood, the legal limit was just 35mg’s.

It was also a Blue day when boy-band pop star Lee Ryan disappointed his hordes of screaming fans by driving his Porsche through central London while over the limit this was his second offence.

The star of the highly popular comedy Cold Feet, John Thomson managed to receive a three year driving ban after his second conviction in less than five years.

In the 80′s Keith Floyd was famous for his boozy chef antics but in the modern world the 60 year old managed to get himself banned for nearly three years and a hefty £1,500 fine when he admitted being drunk when his car was involved in a head on crash while he was more than three times over the limit.

Another football star who seems to like appearing in court on a drink driving offence nearly as much as playing on the field is Jermaine Pennant. The then 22 year old, appeared in Aylesbury Magistrates’ Court charged with driving while disqualified and without insurance and over the legal limit – poor Jermaine should have taken some advice on drink driving. He managed to get out of prison after a month but won the distinction of being the first player to go onto the pitch wearing a GPS tracking bracelet.

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