January 5, 2014

Going to Jail? Learn How to Survive

By Terry Sercast -

You made a mistake, maybe it was a wrongful accusation and maybe it wasn’t either way that’s out the door right now because you’re going to jail. Let me tell you something that might help you deal with it and save your skin.

Both Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton went to prison. There still alive, people go to prison all the time in fact over %30 of America are ex-cons. If you’re going to jail you will need to learn a few things that fly and things that don’t real quick.

To cut the learning curve

With all of the leverage that is bound to be used against you to get answers, you either snitch and save some time on your sentence and be marked as a target or you can be seen as trustworthy and respectful, guess who gets picked on?

Don’t Be A Snitch!

Remember that you are the reason you are there, nobody else. Going to jail raises tons of emotions, I know from experience and if you let those emotions take the best of you, you will make enemies. There is no doubt in the world that you will build enemies instead of friends if you start blaming everyone else. Don’t be a victim!

You are going to jail and they have as well. You aren’t the only one experiencing what you are, people in prison already have been in your spot and understand what it’s like coming into a threatening environment. If you walk in pretending you know everything and try to force your way into light, you will be hurt and you will be marked.You aren’t alone!

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Good luck!

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