July 2, 2012

Understanding False Allegations of Domestic Violence and Abuse and Your Rights Against Them

By Dennis Gac -

This day and age, women know that if they scream “abuse” to the court systems, they will automatically get temporary custody of the kids until the issue goes to court. This can happen at any time, whether it be during a separation, divorce case, or even out of the blue if you obtained custody in courts and all of a sudden, she decides that she wants it back. But don’t let false allegations get you down-you can fight it, and it’s important to know the technicalities involved.

First off, demand proof. Even though what your wife is doing is essentially hearsay, a Judge will still strongly consider any emergency ex parte restraining order that comes across their desk. Abuse and violence, when it comes to kids, is something that shouldn’t’ be taken lightly, but if you do not make a statement against her initial complaint, you may look guilty. But at the same time, fighting too hard makes you look like you’re covering it up. If the abuse or violence issue is an underlying issue of a divorce case, don’t let it throw you off track. State that you did not commit such issues, that there is no proof, and move forward with the divorce case. There is a fine line between looking guilty and looking like you don’t care. Tread forward lightly with any allegations of abuse.

Know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to restraining orders. If your ex-wife has a temporary restraining order against you, but calls you up and says she’s coming over to drop off/pick up some of the children’s things, don’t fall for it-this can put you in violation of the court order, which she could use against you.

And last, consider fighting back. If the allegations are false, sue your ex, her attorney, and anyone else involved for defamation of character. This might be enough to get your ex-wife to back off and no longer pursue the issue. More of a scare tactic than anything, but has been very effective for fathers in the past facing similar issues.

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