Finding Success in Fathers Rights, Even With a Negative Society Around You

By Dennis Gac -

It’s a common phrase, “Deadbeat Dads.” But even so, the table has turned. Now, you’re hearing more about “Deadbeat Moms” and are even seeing situations where fathers are stepping up and taking control and custody of their children.

Over the years, society has continually focused on the mothers. Mothers always get the kids, mothers always get child support, mothers are automatically rewarded custody in family court. But with the growing number of fathers becoming aware of their rights in their divorce and custody cases, fathers are increasingly receiving joint, even FULL custody of their children in divorce court settlements. Even with the negative stigma that surrounds fathers and their children, fathers’ rights have brought so-called “Deadbeat Dads” to the other side of the table-even in some cases, making them the saving grace in their children’s lives (case in point, Kevin Federline and Brittany Spears).

It is so important to understand that there is hope when fighting for your rights to your children as a father. No longer is it “understood” that the mother is a better caregiver and nurturer for your children. You are just as much of a parent as their mother, and even though the courts are very one-sided when it comes to mother versus father as the primary caregiver of children, you can easily turn the tables and receive custody with a few simple tips and tricks up your sleeve to show your ex is not quite the saint that everyone thinks she is. Instead of going into court with verbal assaults and anger, it’s important to gather the appropriate information and know what you’re fighting for in order to win against your ex-even without an attorney.

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