Domestic Violence and Child Custody – 3 Reasons She is a Ranting, Raving Battered Woman

November 13, 2009 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Battered women in family court typically present in a way that supports the agenda of their opposition. They are emotional, unstable, personally challenged and often out of sorts with themselves and their circumstances. And the more out of balance they appear, the better for their opposition. The important question is, why does she present this way? Here are three of the most obvious reasons battered women present themselves unfavorably in their divorce proceedings.

1) The safety of her children is at risk and she knows it. Children of batterers are more likely to also be victims of battering, than not. Unfortunately, the abuse to these children doesn’t stop just because divorce is underway and civil court is looking in. To the contrary, children of domestic violence divorce are the carrots to perpetuate abuse to protective parents. And in so doing, the children become the greatest casualties of family court violence.

2) Her personal, parental and civil rights are being, or are threatening to be, violated as a by-product of her divorce proceedings. Her voice is muffled and her case often not put forth before the court accurately, completely and in some case at all. She feels betrayed by those she has entrusted to help her and her children. Further, she sees herself at a loss as to how to change the ugly status quo.

3) She is being tormented with the prospect of further violations to herself and to her children. Sadly, this threat is often tied to her heroic efforts to protect herself and her children. Or, it is tied to-though without cause-her mere coming out with the abuse to herself and to her children. She knows she’s being punished for revealing the family skeletons…the family violence. She feels impotent in getting remedy for her disclosures and perceives a life sentence of abuse on the horizon.

If you are a domestic abuse survivor in family court, you will want to do all you can to understand the dynamics in play and build your strategy accordingly. You are in the fight of your life, so proceed wisely.

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Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention

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One Response to “Domestic Violence and Child Custody – 3 Reasons She is a Ranting, Raving Battered Woman”
  1. Pauline Hunt says:

    These things are also true in court when the grandmother of the child sexually abuses the child and petitions the court for custody of her victim.

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