Child Custody and Divorce – Winning Custody Versus Best Interests of the Child

By Dianne Ophelia

Many authors, including myself, write books for Mothers and books for Fathers with the sole purpose of teaching them “How to Win Child Custody.”

We occasionally receive comments from angry parents asking how can we ignore what is in the Best Interests of the Child, by instead telling Mothers or Fathers how to assert their Child Custody Rights and Win their Custody Case.

The answer is simple. When a Mother or a Father is willing to take the time and effort to read and study about How to Win their Child Custody Battle, that parent is the one who truly cares about their children and will dedicate the time and effort necessary to be the best parent that they can be.

Books about How to Win Child Custody Rights not only give parents the basics about custody actions and how to conquer them but also make them better Parents. The conduct required to Win a Custody case is also the conduct necessary to be a great parent.

One cannot win a child custody action without being a good parent. And, how can being a great parent not be in a child’s best interests?

Of course, the healthiest way to resolve a custody dispute is through mediation. No matter how a “Custody Battle” is resolved, the fact that a conflict is ongoing between a child’s parents will have a detrimental and generally long term adverse impact upon a child.

If a parent knows how to Win Custody, often those tools can be used to force the other parent into resolving the action without litigation because of the inherent risk of losing custody to the more prepared parent. At the very least, being prepared and knowledgeable about the action will shorten its length in most cases.

All studies show that a child is much healthier, physically and mentally if they have a deep and loving bond with both their Mother and their Father.

I have found that many advocates for “What is in the Best Interests of a Child” are really Mothers or Fathers, who do not want to share their child with the other parent. They hide behind this concept, claiming, of course, that custody to that individual is always in a child’s best interests.

The best interests of a child are met when both parents are knowledgeable, experienced, loving, caring individuals who truly want the most time possible with their child, understanding that their child also needs time with the other parent.

Parents who are “In It To Win It” are parents who care about their Children and want the best for them. How can this not be in the Child’s Best Interests?

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Dianne R. Ophelia is a Certified Family Law Specialist and is known as “THE 30 YEAR DIVORCE EXPERT”

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