The Benefits of Going Pro Se When Fighting For Father’s Rights in Court

By Dennis Gac

The term “Pro Se” can bring preconceived notions of failing miserably in the court system against the other party’s attorney. The idea of going it alone in the courtroom throws some people into fits of anxiety and nervousness that may keep them from pursuing any legal issues in court–out of fear.

When taking your ex-wife to court for a divorce and/or for child support obligations, it’s important to understand that many fathers go through the court system alone. There is no rule that says you must have representation when litigating civil cases–or criminal cases, for that matter.

There are many benefits to taking your ex-wife to court Pro Se. In addition to saving money on outrageous attorney fees, you also can utilize the help of a legal coach at a fraction of the cost if you want a little assistance in submitting the proper paperwork, meeting deadlines and understanding any confusing legal terms that may be very important to your case.

One of the main benefits of self representation is that you are your own “expert” in your case. You are the person that knows all the facts, all the information pertaining to the case. When hiring an attorney, hundreds of dollars of legal fees go to the attorney while you are explaining your case and helping get the lawyer up-to-date on what’s been going on. By knowing what’s going on with your divorce, you are the most informed person in the courtroom, and shouldn’t have to shell out additional money just to share your story to a lawyer that will never quite know the ins and outs of the marriage.

If you still feel uncomfortable going entirely Pro Se, you can always hire an attorney to be your co-counsel. This means that you are still representing yourself, but your attorney is there to assist you and offer legal guidance throughout the court process.

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