Issues Affecting Monetary Child Support Amounts

By James Witherspoon -

Child support is essential to a functioning society. Without the existence of child support and the laws backing the enforcement of it, single parents across the country would be left with minimal or no monetary help in addition to their own income when raising a child.

This form of monetary support is either mandated by a child support order issued by the family court that is managing a couple’s divorce or it is issued independently in the case of parents who were never married. In certain cases in which the child does not live with either parent, both parents may be ordered to pay a certain amount to the third party that cares for the child or children–this may be a grandparent or other friend or family member who volunteered to care for the children.

The calculation of support varies from state to state, but the following things are almost always taken into account:

  • The specific needs of the child/children, including health insurance, education, day care and any special needs such as medical conditions that may make caring for the child more expensive
  • The income and personal needs of the custodial parent
  • The income of the non-custodial parent, as this will directly affect the amount that he or she is able to pay.
  • The number of children the non-custodial parent is already supporting
  • The standard of living the child was accustomed to before the divorce or separation

Once a child support order is sent out, the non-custodial parent is legally obligated to pay the issued amount each month. Failing to do so can have great legal ramifications including fines and even prison in certain cases.

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James Witherspoon

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