How To Lower Child Support And Gain Father’s Custody Rights

How To Lower Child Support And Gain Father’s Custody Rights
By Dennis Gac

Want to do something about lowering child support or gaining

custody of your kids’ or, maybe improving visitation rights?

Well, we’ve all thought about it from time to time, but often don’t

take action because we as men are much more the procrastinators than

our women counterparts. We also think that the costs are prohibitive

and that we’re screwed in family court anyway, so what’s the use?

These are pretty much the same thoughts that go through every father

mind every time their hand shakes writing that child support check, or

argue with the X about visitation.

So what do you do? Out of total frustration most consult with

attorney’s or seek advice from well-meaning friends. But you don’t

need sympathy and high legal costs. You need a mentor, a person that’s

been there and can relate to your situation. Someone who can guide

you, step by step, through the legal maze.

After many unsuccessful attempts, most guys come to the conclusion

that if anything’s going to get done that they’d have to do themselves

and get personally involved. After all, who knows more about your

situation than you do?

If you don’t know what to do, get some good information by finding out

what other Fathers have done in similar situations. Then, mimic what

they have done successfully…This is called the “mirroring principle.”

Follow success to a “T”. Use all guidelines that you can and keep

trying to work in more options. Have a trusted friend look over your

work and ask for objective opinions. This is the true method for

knowing that you’ve got a killer case – that’s worked before and will

gain you more rights.

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