How Child Support Works

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By Zac Johnson -

If you have come to this article then I am sure you are curious as to how the process of obtaining child support works. This could because you are going through a divorce or are at least considering one. Going through a divorce is not an easy decision to make and should not be taken lightly. However understanding how the process works can give you a leg up on what you are about to experience.

How Child Support Works

When a couple decides to get a divorce it is understood that one of the parents will be given custody of the kids. However since one parent is given custody this does not stop the financial obligations the other parent has towards his or her children. The financial burden should be shared between both parents and the courts have enacted several provisions to enforce this. The determination of child support depends on how many children you have and how much the custodial parent makes. It is calculated differently depending upon where you live and even what jurisdiction you fall under.

The Calculation of Child Support

Each State calculates how much a non-custodial parent receives differently. This is mainly because each State has their own unique ways of gathering income and also many variations on living expenses. The State could appoint a economist to determine a families income streams and living conditions to determine the best outcome for the children. In some cases the custody of the children will be altered because one parent will be better able to take care of them financially

In most if not all states the requirement to have your children under some sort of health insurance is a must. If you cannot afford to have your children under your health insurance plan then you will need to appeal to the courts to see if you can get assistance with this.

If you are beginning to figure what you will need to take care of your children then there are many online child support calculators you can use to determine a good starting point. However I would like to point out that these are only just a tool to be used to start the negotiation process. It is best to use some sort of court appointed mediator as that will save you thousands in fees.

The process of obtaining child support is not an easy one. It can take months for the court to determine how much you can receive. This time can be very stressful to the other parent as they try to make ends meet.

Child custody battles are intense and without the proper aid can be almost impossible. Find the tools needed to win your battle for your kids.

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