January 29, 2013

Do Not Forget the Children in Divorce

By J. Nordyke -

A divorce is never a pleasant time, and while the parents are arguing and fighting, the children become the true victims of the entire process. A family lawyer is there to speed the process along and allow healing to begin. A child is often put in the middle of nasty custody battle, as well as child support fights, and without lawyers, the emotions can get in the way. Many other aspects come with a divorce, and during the process, it will be painful.

Child Support

It is important when seeking child support that you are not the type to make things more complicated by trying to make it about money. An attorney will aid the custodial parent obtain assistance with the financial cost that children bring. Wages can be garnished to make sure that payment schedules are met. Your legal advisor is an outside party that will be able to look calmly at your ex-spouse’s income and assets to compare them to yours. Without that third party, it is common to make it personal and be unable to come to an agreement on anything. Lawyers are experienced with that dilemma and are ready to assist in preventing disputes. If things need to be changed, let the system work instead of getting angry.

Custody Battles

Regardless of how either parent feels, the real victims in the divorce are the children and their needs are to be considered at all times. Abusive behavior is not tolerated and protection is needed. If there is no abuse, however, then attorneys can be used to make sure that either custody is shared, or visitations are set up accordingly. The best way to protect your desires is to document everything. The only way a lawyer can help you is if they know what you have tried to do and what has transpired. You can document any visitations and any missed visits.

When a family begins to fall apart, the legal field can help a parent make sure their child suffers the least amount of pain as possible. When in court, they can help arguments be heard and to make sure everyone is involved. The law is there to protect all parties and even though the marriage will be dissolved, there will be minimal change in the child’s trust structure. After the divorce is final, work with your lawyer to make sure your children receive any therapy that they might need.

It is important that you never forget your children’s feelings when you are separating from your spouse.

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