Denial of Rights to Represent Yourself Properly is a Violation of the 14th Amendment

By Dennis Gac

If you’re going it alone in your divorce case, your child custody case, or your child support order or modification, it is essential that you know and understand your basic rights when it pertains to federal and state laws. When going to court pro se, you have the right to represent yourself properly in the court system. If you are denied this chance, the courts are in violation of the 14th Amendment. By properly addressing the issue and showing the courts that you are aware of your rights as a US citizen, you may in turn cause the case to do a complete 180 and suddenly be in your favor, and not in your ex-wife’s.

If a Judge denies you the opportunity to bring forth and present evidence to help your case, or denies you the chance to present affidavits that are crucial to your case, you can nab them on the fact that they denied “substantive due process rights” and that they are in violation of “due process and equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment and 42 USC 1983.”

By utilizing the 14th Amendment in your favor, you will show your Judge that you know your rights as a United States citizen and that you are aware of due process law and protection. Including and fighting for your right to appeal by bringing up your 14th Amendment rights, you should not be denied the opportunity to fairly represent yourself, whether it be in regards to presenting evidence, affidavits, or anything else that has the opportunity to turn the case around in any party’s favor.

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