December 19, 2013

A Look at Arizona Child Support Calculator Software

By Pat Southlund -

Figuring the right Arizona child support amounts for custody and divorce cases is complicated. The guidelines that outline the calculations are complex and factor in a number of elements. Among these are gross income, eligible children and parenting time. Get accurate and fair child support amounts by using software to perform complicated family law calculations.

Why should I use calculation software?

Calculation programs reduce the risk of human error when figuring payment amounts. Whether you are a parent seeking to learn more about state guidelines for child and spousal support or a family law professional searching for a more productive way to do calculations, turn to calculation software.

Calculation software is designed to help you figure support totals based on the guidelines set forth by the state of Arizona. The guidelines are found in the Arizona Revised Statutes 25-320 and are regularly updated to reflect the current standard of living, tax codes and other elements that contribute to the financial responsibility of children.

What is EZSupport-AZ software?

EZSupport-AZ is just one of several child support calculator programs designed specifically for figuring accurate support for custody and divorce cases in Arizona. The software was created by EasySoft especially for family law professionals.

You can also use EZSupport-AZ to create customized legal forms for use by yourself, clients or the court. The forms are populated by the data you input for each case. Access a free trial version to determine whether it suits your needs.

What is FinPlan software?

FinPlan is another software program that performs calculations for those seeking to use the most current Arizona state guidelines. The software takes the data and provides instant feedback on child support, as well as spousal support, and tax credits. It examines these and other financial impacts of divorce.

What data do I need to use calculation software?

Arizona relies on several factors to determine correct support. You must gather the data you need to enter into the calculation program’s data fields.

For Arizona calculation software, you’ll need:

  • Gross annual income for both parents
  • Number of eligible children
  • Certain deductions, such as health insurance premiums for children
  • Total day visits and overnights with children for each parent

The Arizona calculation software you choose will ask you to enter the raw data into the appropriate field. Then the program will calculate the support amount using the latest state guidelines.

Whatever type of calculation program you use, you can feel confident that the child support amounts generated are correct and based on the state’s guidelines.

Learn how to get the most accurate Arizona child support totals using calculator programs such as FinPlan and EZSupport-AZ. With comprehensive programming, calculator programs can take Arizona child support and parenting time calculations and produce accurate and fair child support amounts.

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