Child Support and Bankruptcy

December 2, 2010 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Joseph Devine -

People who find themselves in an insolvent state financially may not know how to deal with the difficulties they face. In times of serious financial crisis, persons may turn to bankruptcy to help deal with mounting debts and financial obligations that they cannot meet. During bankruptcy proceedings, certain debts may be discharged and some assets may be retained, but certain debts may not be removed, no matter what the specifics of the person’s financial situation are.

Individuals who file for bankruptcy are often looking to gain financial freedom and wish to get a chance at a “fresh start”. Certain debts like credit card debt and other financial obligations may be discharged by the judge, and although the applicant may face difficulties obtaining credit for a few years, the person may see great advantages in the future.

When it comes to obligations like child support, it is not possible to obtain a discharge, regardless of your personal situation. Support for dependents is an important financial responsibility and even persons facing serious monetary struggles should be required to maintain payments to help their children. The law recognizes this and makes it clear that such debts cannot be escaped, even by filing bankruptcy.

Some individuals may face additional financial obligations as a result of taking care of their children. Medical bills accrued by children also cannot be discharged, regardless of how expensive the procedures were or how heavy the burden may be on the person’s budget. As with support payments, these obligations usually remain intact, even as other debts are removed.

Fortunately, people who file for bankruptcy may find that other difficult debts are removed from their lives and they may be able to re-structure their budgets to manage money much better. This freedom may make it much easier to maintain timely child support payments and pay off medical debts as a result. With other debts out of the way, persons going through bankruptcy may find it easier to pay off the debts that were not discharged.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it is wise to consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney for help with filing, hearings, and the discharge of debts. Bankruptcy can be a confusing process for people unfamiliar with the process, and having experienced legal advice may be very helpful. If you would like to know more about bankruptcy proceedings, visit the website of the Boston bankruptcy attorneys of Joshua Spirn & Associates.

Joseph Devine

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Suspended Licenses and Child Support Payments

September 28, 2010 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Dennis Gac -

One of the things that can happen if you fail to pay your child support payments is that you could end up with having various licenses revoked. This includes not only you driver’s license, but any business or professional licenses you may have as well. This is a result of the Child Support Recovery Act set in place in 1992. There are some things you should know to prevent this and if it does happen.

A contempt of court order for nonpayment can result in having your license revoked, but it doesn’t always happen immediately. Usually there are mitigating circumstances such as you don’t show up for or do not respond to a hearing. Always respond in written form to any type of hearing notice, to verify you know it is taking place.

Never ignore collection notices. Make some type of payment no matter how small. If you are trying to get your license reinstated, you will need to have made a payment and you must also have a payment plan on how you are going to make the up the payments.

Even if your driver license or professional license gets revoked if you follow the above – make a plan, respond in writing, and make a payment – more often than not you will be able to get your licenses reinstated. Be prepared, stay calm and think things through. Your ex-wife is going to use whatever she can to try and get you in trouble and cause problems, but you can handle these simple things if you stay calm.

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Finding Success in Fathers Rights, Even With a Negative Society Around You

By Dennis Gac -

It’s a common phrase, “Deadbeat Dads.” But even so, the table has turned. Now, you’re hearing more about “Deadbeat Moms” and are even seeing situations where fathers are stepping up and taking control and custody of their children.

Over the years, society has continually focused on the mothers. Mothers always get the kids, mothers always get child support, mothers are automatically rewarded custody in family court. But with the growing number of fathers becoming aware of their rights in their divorce and custody cases, fathers are increasingly receiving joint, even FULL custody of their children in divorce court settlements. Even with the negative stigma that surrounds fathers and their children, fathers’ rights have brought so-called “Deadbeat Dads” to the other side of the table-even in some cases, making them the saving grace in their children’s lives (case in point, Kevin Federline and Brittany Spears).

It is so important to understand that there is hope when fighting for your rights to your children as a father. No longer is it “understood” that the mother is a better caregiver and nurturer for your children. You are just as much of a parent as their mother, and even though the courts are very one-sided when it comes to mother versus father as the primary caregiver of children, you can easily turn the tables and receive custody with a few simple tips and tricks up your sleeve to show your ex is not quite the saint that everyone thinks she is. Instead of going into court with verbal assaults and anger, it’s important to gather the appropriate information and know what you’re fighting for in order to win against your ex-even without an attorney.

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The Benefits of Going Pro Se When Fighting For Father’s Rights in Court

By Dennis Gac

The term “Pro Se” can bring preconceived notions of failing miserably in the court system against the other party’s attorney. The idea of going it alone in the courtroom throws some people into fits of anxiety and nervousness that may keep them from pursuing any legal issues in court–out of fear.

When taking your ex-wife to court for a divorce and/or for child support obligations, it’s important to understand that many fathers go through the court system alone. There is no rule that says you must have representation when litigating civil cases–or criminal cases, for that matter.

There are many benefits to taking your ex-wife to court Pro Se. In addition to saving money on outrageous attorney fees, you also can utilize the help of a legal coach at a fraction of the cost if you want a little assistance in submitting the proper paperwork, meeting deadlines and understanding any confusing legal terms that may be very important to your case.

One of the main benefits of self representation is that you are your own “expert” in your case. You are the person that knows all the facts, all the information pertaining to the case. When hiring an attorney, hundreds of dollars of legal fees go to the attorney while you are explaining your case and helping get the lawyer up-to-date on what’s been going on. By knowing what’s going on with your divorce, you are the most informed person in the courtroom, and shouldn’t have to shell out additional money just to share your story to a lawyer that will never quite know the ins and outs of the marriage.

If you still feel uncomfortable going entirely Pro Se, you can always hire an attorney to be your co-counsel. This means that you are still representing yourself, but your attorney is there to assist you and offer legal guidance throughout the court process.

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Introduction to Family Law

March 1, 2010 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Mark P Warner -

The legal world is broken up into specific niches. The most commonly known are the fields of criminal and civil law where people are either accused of crimes or sued for money, respectively. Family law has become much more prominent as a field in the last forty years and we take a look at it in this article.

Ask someone what family law is all about and one word is continually mentioned – divorce. This is hardly a surprise since divorce is a part of the field and tends to get much more attention because it can be very splashy such as when two celebrities decided to call it quits. Ironically, the first legal issue a couple may face is not divorce, but prenuptial agreements before they actually wed. Regardless, both are considered the bedrocks of family law. That doesn’t mean they are the only legal niches.

A divorce with a childless couple is one thing, but a divorce where kids involved is another. There is a small library of law in each state dealing with the two subjects that inevitably pop up. The first is child custody where the divorcing parents try to work out who the child will live with and how often the other spouse will get to see them. The second issue is child support where the court has to order one spouse to provide the other with compensation for caring for the child.

There is a certain negative connotation to the above three areas and rightly so. Our last area, however, is all positive. Adoption is considered a part of the family law niche and is critical in that it places orphans with parents desiring a child. It is literally a match made in heaven, a definite win -win. Attorneys providing adoption services consistently rate as the most satisfied it the practice of law. There are other odds and ends when it comes to family law, but these are the big four. This is often viewed as a brutal area of the law, but it need not be as adoption services can show.

Mark P. Warner is with where you can find family law lawyers in Orange County, California for your case.

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