Fathers Child Custody Rights

By Micheal Stone -

A father’s role in a child’s life is one of the most influential factors in that child’s life. If you are like thousands of other fathers in the world you may be in the situation where your significant other is trying to take your child away from you. This is not the best option for your child. My name is Micheal Stone and I like you found myself in a situation where I was going to lose custody of my child. By taking some key steps in the right order, I managed to win my custody battle so that my kids and I can live happily together. I will lay out these steps for you in an easy to follow process that will have you well on your way towards winning your custody battle.

• The first step towards winning your child custody battle is to pick out the right lawyer. You will need to find a lawyer who specializes in custody litigation. A lawyer that does not specifically fight custody battles may have a slight disadvantage. Try to pick a lawyer who has fought custody battles in the same court room that your custody battle will take place so that the judge respects his opinion and morals. When it comes to child custody litigation, the judges personal bias and opinion has much more presence relatively to criminal cases. If your judge feels you’re a good father, he will award you custody.

• The second step is to begin building your case. The most important way to successfully build your case is to tell your lawyer everything about your marriage as well as your relationship with your child. Be sure to mention your spouse or significant others relationship with the child as well and be clear and truthful. By exaggerating the case or a story you may end up looking foolish in court. Your lawyer only knows what you tell him, so be sure to not leave anything out.

• The third step is to spend time with your child and leave him out of the middle of your divorce. Do not bring the child into the fights, and try to stay out of ear shot while arguing. The child could end up feeling that it is his fault, and this will not go well with the judge. Make sure to explain to your child the best way you can what is happening and make sure you reinforce that you are leaving him behind in any way.

• The final step when beginning your child custody battle is to try and mediate the case. Litigation is very expensive, and there are services that will mediate your case for a small fraction of the cost of litigation. Mediation is the process of having a single individual hear the case of both sides outside a courtroom and come to a ruling. This ruling is binding by law so do not take the mediation lightly.

By following these steps you will have an advantage over your spouse or significant other. Remember to keep your child out of the cross fire of divorce and be clear and concise with your lawyer. DO NOT stretch any truths or make up any stories because it could come back to bite your case in the end.

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