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How do you gain custody of your child after a divorce case? There are never any assurances that you will win a custody battle. But it helps to be informed about all the legal processes. You have a part to play never assume, your lawyer has everything covered.

Child custody cases are complicated. A lot of paperwork goes back and forth, before the final decision is made. In between all this, bad blood brews between parents as they fight for custody. With the pain and stress that goes with all this, you would want to take your best shot at making sure the scales tip in your favor

Choose an Expert

Choose a lawyer who is good at his job. There are going to be some fierce legal battles between you and your ex. Both parties will give everything towards working at getting custody. You will need a lawyer who is legally alert and always prepared for what your ex lawyers throw at your camp. A lawyer who is aware of all legal options and how best to weave through them to your benefit.

Give it Your Best Shot

How to gain custody of your child can be a slow process and take time. Eventually when your case makes it to trial, give it your best shot. Your divorce attorney will need to subpoena witnesses on your behalf to prove you are a better parent. This might be expensive but it is necessary. Especially when your spouse has a stronger case.

Keep Cool

A judge in a custody case will always turn to a psychologist as an expert witness. The judge’s verdict will largely be determined by the evaluation of the psychologist. The psychologist will examine lifestyles, finances, character, ability to rear children and personalities.

Questions that get under the skin might be asked. Opinions that you do not like might be made. Keep your cool. Even if you don’t get full custody, part custody or visitation rights are options you can still use. These options can be blown to bits. If you do not conduct yourself properly during your evaluation.

To gain custody of your child you need to be prepared for what is coming. The legal system is slow and overworked. Prepare very well for your case. And try to avoid any bitter quarrels with you ex for the sake of your children.

Deborah Banks is committed to helping women rebuild their lives after a painful divorce. Learn how to be happy and live a life of fulfillment. You too can break free and Recover From Divorce

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