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It is not uncommon that when a child custody case is decided that it may need adjustment in the future. Even after a long period of time in which the child custody agreement has worked out well, a major change in the child or parent’s life may spark a need for a change in the custody agreement.

In applying for modifications, a divorced individual will mostly likely hire a child custody attorney. Seeing as how even the initial process of settling on custody can be difficult, modifying a court order agreement successfully will be greatly aided by an experienced attorney.

Applying for Modifications

There are several factors that legal professionals will look at when deciding whether or not to modify a custody agreement. If something in the agreement is not working then there is at least one party who would like to make changes.

The protection of a child’s mental and physical health is of the utmost importance when a judge reviews a case. If abuse has occurred, this will result in a fast change to the arrangements.

If a parent has been proven to be unfit to take care of a child due to physical or mental illness, a new agreement can be reached.

If a parent is moving a long distance, this will also necessitate a change to the custody agreement. A change of income may also affect how a judge looks at the ability of a parent to provide the financial resources necessary to raise a child.

If a parent has not complied with the previous agreement, it will most likely hurt his or her case if he or she is trying to make changes that he or she will benefit from. It is important for individuals to follow the rules set forth by the custody agreement, otherwise they may lose their privileges or may face further legal action.

If you have questions regarding making modifications to a child custody agreement, please visit the website of the San Diego child custody attorneys of Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP.

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