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Child custody lawyers are solicitors who specialize in dealing with child custody cases. In our society, there are lots of cases nowadays where couples separate and this creates serious problems for their children. Majority of the couples tend to mount a legal challenge in order to secure the right to keep their child with them. Post divorce, it is the responsibility of the judge to decide which parent would take care of the child, the best, and child custody lawyers fight for their respective clients negotiating with the parents and the judge on the best route forward.

As far as law dictates, the child can either stay with one parent or can stay with both at certain times. In various child custody cases where the divorce has been amicable, both the parents can agree on the parameters of child custody. But, in certain cases where a dispute arises on the custody of the child both, the parties then hire child custody lawyers in order to press their case in a court.

A lawyer would help you make your case against the other party on how you can be a better parent for the child. The lawyer would draw up all the possible options for you to hold on to the custody of your child. Some of these options would be of money and finance of raising a child, a judge would want to know whether you have the required money in order to support the child. Also, do you have the time to raise the child and if you can give the child your complete attention. The lawyer would also help both the parents settle the visiting times if one parent is given the right to hold the child. Normally, the child is entrusted to the parent who can fully support the child both financially and emotionally. It is also recommended to settle the cases out of court as court proceedings can be challenging not only for the parent but also for the child.

Finding a good and experienced child custody lawyer is not that difficult as there are various options for you to search. First and foremost, you should search for a lawyer among your inner friends and family circle as you wouldn’t want personal things like marriage and divorce to be highlighted. If those connections don’t help, then you can find various specialist lawyers on the internet. It is also recommended to contact the state high court bar association as they can help you by assigning a lawyer for your case. After the search is complete, you must set up an initial meeting with the lawyer of your choice. It is better to go through with all the details regarding your case with your lawyer. Don’t be afraid to reveal details of your relationship and other things as concealing minute details might hurt your case. Decide on a rate for the case with your lawyer and then get involved in preparing for the case.

Child custody lawyers are important when it comes to custody battles after a divorce. Finding a lawyer can be difficult for some. To find expert lawyers and know how to win child custody, visit ObtainCustody.

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Child Custody Lawyers – How to Find the Best Attorney & Win Your Case /maricopa-county-courts/family-court/child-custody-lawyers-how-to-find-the-best-attorney-win-your-case/ /maricopa-county-courts/family-court/child-custody-lawyers-how-to-find-the-best-attorney-win-your-case/#comments Tue, 07 Sep 2010 14:14:02 +0000 Maricopa County Court /?p=65101 By Joan Baker

Family law is not something you should tackle alone. The most important thing in your child custody case is to find a good attorney. Most people will start looking with a quick internet search; Googling something like “Florida child custody lawyer” or “Florida family law attorney”.

There is nothing wrong with starting out your search this way. The problem is many people end it there as well.

They find an advertisement for a Florida child custody lawyer, check out their site, and then hire them at the first meeting.

It’s a risky way to approach such an important decision.

Finding the RIGHT attorney is vital in this process.

They really can make the difference between winning and losing.

So how do you find the best child custody lawyer in Florida, or whatever state you reside in?

Here are a few good places to start:

1. See if you have any attorneys in your area who are members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. These attorneys are experts in family law and tend to be some of the best and most dedicated out there.

2. If you have issues with a vindictive or abusive ex, you can check out local domestic violence meetings for support and advice. Many of these women have had extensive dealings with family law and the courts. They can be a wealth of information about attorneys and judges in your county.

Once you’ve picked a few family law attorneys who you think might be good, do a little research on them. Check the state bar association website to see if there are any infractions against them.

Google their name and see what comes up. (Sidenote: You should also do the same for your judge, if you already have one assigned.)

If you still think they might be a winner, interview them and ask probing questions about family law and your specific case. One thing you should ask them is how busy they are with their current caseload and what is the expected time to return calls and messages. Most lawyers are notoriously bad at this and you need to know, if something comes up, how much support you’ll have available, and how quickly.

When looking for a qualified child custody lawyer in Florida, or whatever state you reside, remember, a little extra research will put you miles ahead of the game.

To get the 9 critical strategies for winning child custody when dealing with irrational, vindictive or abusive ex’s, click here:

Joan Baker is an expert in child custody after going through her own custody ordeal, researching the laws and now helping other women going through the process.

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How to Gain Custody of Your Child – 3 Smart Legal Ways You Can Do It /maricopa-county-courts/family-court/how-to-gain-custody-of-your-child-3-smart-legal-ways-you-can-do-it/ /maricopa-county-courts/family-court/how-to-gain-custody-of-your-child-3-smart-legal-ways-you-can-do-it/#comments Tue, 03 Aug 2010 14:15:26 +0000 Maricopa County Court /?p=62820 By Deborah Banks -

How do you gain custody of your child after a divorce case? There are never any assurances that you will win a custody battle. But it helps to be informed about all the legal processes. You have a part to play never assume, your lawyer has everything covered.

Child custody cases are complicated. A lot of paperwork goes back and forth, before the final decision is made. In between all this, bad blood brews between parents as they fight for custody. With the pain and stress that goes with all this, you would want to take your best shot at making sure the scales tip in your favor

Choose an Expert

Choose a lawyer who is good at his job. There are going to be some fierce legal battles between you and your ex. Both parties will give everything towards working at getting custody. You will need a lawyer who is legally alert and always prepared for what your ex lawyers throw at your camp. A lawyer who is aware of all legal options and how best to weave through them to your benefit.

Give it Your Best Shot

How to gain custody of your child can be a slow process and take time. Eventually when your case makes it to trial, give it your best shot. Your divorce attorney will need to subpoena witnesses on your behalf to prove you are a better parent. This might be expensive but it is necessary. Especially when your spouse has a stronger case.

Keep Cool

A judge in a custody case will always turn to a psychologist as an expert witness. The judge’s verdict will largely be determined by the evaluation of the psychologist. The psychologist will examine lifestyles, finances, character, ability to rear children and personalities.

Questions that get under the skin might be asked. Opinions that you do not like might be made. Keep your cool. Even if you don’t get full custody, part custody or visitation rights are options you can still use. These options can be blown to bits. If you do not conduct yourself properly during your evaluation.

To gain custody of your child you need to be prepared for what is coming. The legal system is slow and overworked. Prepare very well for your case. And try to avoid any bitter quarrels with you ex for the sake of your children.

Deborah Banks is committed to helping women rebuild their lives after a painful divorce. Learn how to be happy and live a life of fulfillment. You too can break free and Recover From Divorce

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Child Custody Lawyers /maricopa-county-courts/family-court/child-custody-lawyers/ /maricopa-county-courts/family-court/child-custody-lawyers/#comments Wed, 28 Jul 2010 14:34:18 +0000 Maricopa County Court /?p=62306 By Ulises Wade -

Child custody lawyers are actually family law lawyers whose specialization includes helping their clients to negotiate their children’s custody. These lawyers are generally preferred in cases involving children mostly post divorce. The Custody lawyers help the client with negotiations with the other party involved. They are mainly called to settle things between divorcing or already separated couples. They also help negotiating other terms and conditions involved with child custody like the visiting frequency of the other parent.

The child can either stay with one of his parents, after their separation or he can stay with both of them at different times. At times the parents can mutually agree on the custody of the child, but there is always a possibility of a dispute. Hence, the child custody lawyer comes into picture. Fighting for the custody of the child in court could be a frustrating experience and so it’s better to get a custody lawyer who will help you negotiate the terms and conditions of the child custody.

A child custody lawyer helps you to negotiate your child custody in every possible way. He can help you with things like who would bear the expenses of the child, the visiting times for the other parent and any other thing that is involved in the child custody. Normally the visiting times are decided initially itself. For example the child might stay with one of the parents during weekdays and spend the weekend with the other parent. In short the custody lawyer will walk you through the entire process.

To find a good custody lawyer you can first of all check within the circle of your friends and relatives to see if they have used any or if they have any recommendations. You can then either search the internet or go through the yellow pages to check for a good lawyer in your locality. You can also call the state bar association and ask for some recommendations of child custody lawyers. You can compare all the lists that you might have got from various sources and then decide on whom you would like to meet. You can call and fix up an appointment with the lawyers for the initial consultation; usually the lawyers will not charge you for this. Ask the lawyer about his previous cases and how he handled them to gauge his knowledge in the topic. You can also check for their charges so that you can track your budget accordingly. Once you go through step, you can decide on the lawyer who suits you the best.

Find the best child custody lawyers in your area. For more details visit, we specialize only in child custody.

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