Bailing Your Friend Out of Jail

November 5, 2009 by Maricopa County Court  
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By Ryan Michael Wells –

If your friend ends up in jail, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be released any time soon, you’ll probably want to bail him out. Obviously, pretty much anyone can bail someone out of jail in Florida, as long as they have a relationship with the arrestee, so you shouldn’t feel pressured into putting down large sums of money, since it is highly possible that someone else will take on that burden.

However, if you feel comfortable with doing it, you’ll be entering into an extremely serious business that relies on a great deal of responsibility and trust. You’ll want to talk to a Florida bail bond agency who will ask you for a number of details about the arrestee. These will primarily be about the nature of his crime, your relationship with them, and other personal details. The bail bond agency will normally have its own databases to look up inmates in the local jails. The more information you can provide, and the speed at which you can provide it, the smoother the process will be.

Once the original details have been taken, the Florida bail bond agency will make a decision on whether to work with you and your friend. They will not take on the responsibility if they feel that there is too much risk, but if you have provided genuine information and have a strong relationship with the inmate, you should be fine. The bail bond agency will then start talking about money, and will expect 10% of the full bail amount as a deposit before contacting the jail. They may also ask for collateral to cover their risk, which normally comes in the form of an asset that can be sold to cover the full bail amount, in case the arrestee skips out on their bail.

After the bail bond agency has contacted the jail, it is simply a matter of waiting patiently for the jail to release the arrestee. This might take some time, but normally only takes a few hours.  However, some Florida jails have been known to take up to 12 hours to release a defendant. Once released, it is important that you work closely with your friend to ensure that he or she appears in court when summoned, and fulfils the conditions of their bail. Depending on the area of the city the bail bondsman covers, it is sometime normal that the bail bondsman requests that you check in once a week or so. For instance, take our []Jacksonville Bail Bonds company, the city is so large and spread out, it is even more important to stay in close contact to ensure there is no forfeiture.

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