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The catch about bail bond agents is that you really do not pay much attention to them until you find yourself in a predicament with the law. There is a website where you can gain some knowledge of legal terms and perhaps find a bail agent who can help you get back on your feet again after being arrested.

“Bail Bonds services” is a website devoted to the bail bond world and even has postings of fugitives. It may be worth a minute or two of your time to take a look around, just in case you find yourself behind bars.

Let us say, hypothetically of course, that you or a family member has been arrested and a judge has set a $20,000 bond that must be paid before release from jail can occur. Whoa, that is a lot of money and very few people can afford to put that much up in cash to get a loved one out of jail. That is where the bail agency steps in and helps you out.

They come up with the money or guarantee to get the person out of jail. This is not a free, “get out of jail” card. Usually the fee is ten percent and it is non-refundable.

Had you coughed up the full 20 grand, it would have been returned to you after the defendant showed up in court but as mentioned earlier, few people can come up with that kind of cash at a moments notice. The bail agency can be your friend or your worst enemy should the friend or family skip out on the bond.

“Bail Bonds services” is not a bail bond agency. They provide you with bail information for your area. There are links on the webpage to the right that can let you be an affiliate member or give you the latest bond skippers who have cash rewards on their heads.

You should be aware that they are not a referral service and nothing they offer is guaranteed. The best part of the website is the glossary of terms that can help you understand the legal system.

“Bail Bonds services” also provides listings of criminal attorneys in your area. However, not all states are covered and most certainly not all areas are covered.

Smaller towns will be forgotten as some bond agents will not be using the service if they charge a fee for listing. You absolutely must remember that they are not a referral agency and they are not responsible for helping you bail out your friend or loved one.

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