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Taking the proper steps to win custody of your child or children is one of the most important things you can do. You can’t afford to skip steps or take this lightly. The results of a child custody case will stay with you forever. Preparation will be intense, but the rewards will be great if you win custody of your child.

  • Write down the reasons you want custody. Make a long list.
  • Write down every possible situation or past event that might be held against you (include motor vehicle and legal, past affairs, long work hours, anything from your past that might come out)
  • Write down every possible point in your favor (active parenting roles you have taken, church membership, community roles, strong employment history)
  • Consider future issues; what if one parent wants to leave the state, what if one parent goes to jail or dies
  • Retain legal representation. Do not skimp on this. Interview and get the best the lawyer you can find. Ask hard questions about how they plan to win custody for you and what techniques or approaches they will use. Find out what their success rate is and ask for references
  • Learn what tactics your ex may try to use against you and prepare for them
  • Do not attempt to get your kids to take your side. This will backfire. The best approach is to continue to be a caring, loving parent to them
  • Research custody laws in your state. Find out what can and can’t be used against you. Find out state regulations regarding custodial parents and awarding custody. You may be shocked at what you learn

The importance of preparation for a child custody battle cannot be underestimated. Immerse yourself in learning how to fight this battle and win your kids back.

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