September 24, 2013

Family Court Judges

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BLOMO, James T    Central Court Building

BRNOVICH, Susan   Central Court Building

COURY, Christopher   Southeast Facility

CRAWFORD, Janice    Central Court Building

DUNN, Boyd   Southeast Facility

GATES, Pamela   Old Court House

GERLACH, Douglas    Northeast Court

HICKS, Bethany G.   Southeast Facility

HOAG, M. Jean    Southeast Facility

HOFFMAN, Kristin C.   Northeast Court

HYATT, Carey   Presiding Family   Old Courthouse

KEMP, Michael  Northwest Regional Center

KILEY, Daniel    Central Court Building

LECLAIRE, Thomas   Central Court Building

MCMURDIE, Paul    Southeast Facility

MYERS, Sam    Central Court Building

NORRIS, Benjamin   Southeast Facility

PADILLA, Jose    Northwest Regional Center

PALMER, David    Central Court Building

PORTER, Gerald    Northeast Court

RYAN, Timothy J.    Southeast Facility

SANDERS, Teresa A.    Southeast Facility

VIOLA, Danielle    Sortheast Court

WHITTEN, Christopher    Old Court House