September 24, 2013

About Attorneys

If you are trying to decide whether or not you need to hire a lawyer or have made the decision that you do, indeed, need one, where do you start?

The stakes may be very high so it is critically important that you choose well. Doing a Google search for a specific type of attorney or in a national directory can be confusing and overwhelming. In a critical situation you need to make an excellent decision in a brief amount of time. You need an attorney who  know Arizona Law, has a successful history in winning cases, and understands your situation.  We hope we can help you do that.  You can find specific information about finding  and choosing an attorney at  /about/finding-an-attorney/

Attorneys are regulated by The State Bar of Arizona

Only members of the State Bar of Arizona and other persons who are authorized by a specific provision in the Arizona Supreme Court’s rules may practice law in Arizona.

The Bar regulates approximately 16,000 active attorneys in Arizona and provides education and development programs for the legal profession and the public. The Bar and its members are committed to serving the public by making sure the voices of all people in Arizona are heard in our justice system.

The organization was formed in 1933 and has a rich history of serving attorneys and the public. We have a wide variety of programs designed to help Arizonans, all of which are detailed throughout this Web site.

As part of our goal to protect the public, the State Bar has a lawyer regulation department, which works to resolve problems between clients and attorneys. The Bar also offers legal information for consumers, periodic free legal advice days and other educational programs.

The State Bar of Arizona is governed by a 30-member Board of Governors whose members are primarily lawyers elected by Bar members. Among those board members are four non-lawyers who are appointed to represent the public.

To learn more about the Arizona State Bar go to